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Message by the Hon. Minister of Education on the Occasion of the Launching of the Vidya e-news Website

“Vidya E-News Website will serve as a platform in increasing science literacy.”

I wish to introduce the launching of the Vidya e-news website as a step forward by the Ministry with a view to popularizing the subject field of science, technology, research, and innovation among school students and the general public in Sri Lanka.

Even though present-day society is more focused on modern technologies, it is obvious that still it has not reached a higher level quantitatively. We have embarked upon a number of long-term measures with the aim of elevating this aspect quantitatively. One vital step in achieving this objective is to enable the creation of a research-based culture within the country, the basis of which would be the strong enhancement of science literacy.Vidya e-news website will undoubtedly be instrumental in enhancing science literacy while eliminating many drawbacks affecting science dissemination. This will serve as a platform in the attempts being made by the Ministry in building a technology-based society as well as bestowing the resultant benefits on the society.





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